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Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Source – A KQED Multimedia Series Exploring Northern California Science, Environment and Nature:

Some of the most passionate astronomers don’t even need to leave their own backyards. QUEST meets the amateur stargazers in the Bay Area who are making important observations about the cosmos and inventing tools at home to do it.

QUEST on KQED Public Media.

Wow a 30 inch Dob.

Monday, July 19th, 2010

This weekend we had our Monthly Public Star Party at Observatory Park on Saturday.
The weather cooperated with us again for the 2nd month in a row the weather will start out cloudy windy and threating rain. Then the Sun goes down and the clouds go away, and tada it clear. I think this is the reason why we have had such low turnouts the last two month. People see its cloudy and think it’s going to be a bad night. I’m real glad it worked out. Neil from our group brought out his 30 inch dob to share with everyone. You can see it at this link in our gallery under star parties July 17, 2010 Public Star Party Wow M13 looks like you could almost count ever star in it. Then Jupiter oh me oh my gosh……

Public Star Party and Essay Contest Winner

Monday, June 21st, 2010

We had a wonderful day at Observatory Park on Saturday June 19th. At about 3:30pm we announced the the winner of The Brighton Astronomy Essay Contest.
The contest was open to all current Brighton High School and Prairie View High School students. We received four entries from Brighton High School.
Dori was declared the winner by The Brighton Astronomy Group, and was awarded with a Computerized and Motorized Meade 4.5” Reflector Telescope. With here paper titled “What’s in a name.”
Dane a runner up with his paper on “Black Holes” received a soft sided brief case with a bunch of Astronomy Goodies and videos.
Later that day the Bromley Creek Sub-Division hosted their yearly Picnic the School 27j had a Ice Cream Social.
For a day that started off mostly cloudy you could not ask for a better start. We thought we might get clouded out for the rest of the night. With astronomy you have to have patience and perseverance. This night it paid off. By 9pm the sky was mostly clear, and a few hours later it was a beautiful night until about 12 am when we must have hit the dew point. We were able to see the Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn, the Ring Nebula, and several globular clusters. We also demonstrated the Celestron Sky Scout.
Check out some the pictures in the Gallery under star parties, then Bromley Creek HOA 2010.

New Photos Up Loaded

Friday, April 30th, 2010

It has been a busy April for the group.

I have put up some new photos in the Gallery under Star Parties

Last Night at the Brighton High School Science Palooza a reporter from Fox 31 New Posted the Pictures he took of the US and some of the contestants’ entries. Click on this link to seen them.

Wes and Adam of The Brighton Astronomy Group is with the Telescope the astronomy group will be given away to a local Brighton High School or to Prairie View High School student who wins the essay contest.

Colorado Astronomy Day 2009

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Once again the weather skunked us again. We got set up at Observatory Park about 1pm. Wes and Neil brought their telescopes, and had set up the scale model of the solar system at the walk way at the west end of the park between Bromley Lane and Southern Street.
We did have about 25 persons show up, and after the wind died down we were able to do some out reach projects. We had a few people show up and ask several questions about the telescopes. Neil’s telescope is a vintage 8 inch modified Newtonian reflector for astrophotography, and was probably made around 1950’s or 60’s he is not sure. There is a manufacture tag on it saying it was made by Research Optical in Oshkosh Wisconsin.
Mrs. Aden and a few of her students from Overland Hill Middle School made it out to walk the solar system walk. Our next event will be at Barr Lake State Park on Saturday November 14th.

There is a photo of Neil’s Telescope in the Gallery under Star Parties.

Rocky Mountain PBS Star Party.

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

As most of you know we were contacted from the NASA Night Sky Network, to see if we could help out Rocky Mountain PBS with a Star Party a the Historic Chautauqua in Boulder Colorado. We were able to set up three telescopes for the guest to view through after the presentation in the auditorium. We had our biggest turn out for a star party so far. We had about 350 plus guest show up to look through our telescopes. One of the defining moments of how many guest where there, was when I heard Neal from atop of his 8 foot ladder next to his 30 inch dob towering over the sea of people saying “Wes get out the oars” Wow what a night. Pam from Rocky Mountain PBS made sure we had VIP parking and VIP Tickets for the show in the auditorium.
It turned out to be vary warm it was about 70 degrees that night.
About 10pm the crowd finally died down. The wind starting blowing pretty bad, so about 11pm we called it quits.

I have put some photos up in the Gallery under Star Parties.

This is a great park to visit if you every get a chance.

Thanks to everyone that was able to make it out.

Weekend under the stars star party in Foxpark Wyoming

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

This is probably the best site around,at 9200ft and 50 miles from Larimie it is super dark! All 198 people were very friendly and willing to share views all 4 nights I was there.I camped next to a 16 inch Astrosystems and an 18 inch Starmaster with go to.Really nice scopes so I was giving them challenge objects every night.One person let me use his 25 inch Obsession for about an hour once he realized I knew my way around and was an advanced observer.I saw some old friends and made some new ones. I had many people wanting to look through my classic orange C-11 and I gave quite a show.I hunted down extremely tough objects that most thought would be impossible in an 11 inch. This is one star party that I highly recommend.The drive is about 165 miles from Brighton. Take care.Mark Spalding.

Telescopes Plus a Movie in the Park. Sat Aug 22nd

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

At the last moment some of us have decided to set the telescopes up in the part at N. 48th Ave and Spinning Wheel Ave. In the Brighton East Farms Subdivision off of Bridge Between N 45th and N 50th Streets. Every one is welcome to come…

Brighton Astronomy Group Slide Show…

Saturday, July 25th, 2009


Monday, July 6th, 2009

Some of us will be attend The Nebraska Star Party coming up on July 19th – 24th.

This is one of the least expensive events to attend this year. It great camping, and completely dark since no fires or white lights is allowed at night during these events. This creates a truly aw inspiring night skies, almost as good as going to a planetarium. It’s a great time to talk to other Amateur and Astronomy Enthusiast. There is about as many different telescopes and astronomical devices as there are people. They will  usually also have door prizes, new and used equipment for sale to.

More info can be found at:



July 19th THROUGH 24th, 2009



Preliminary information about NSP 16 is now online

Astronomers in front of a Soddy

Astronomers in front of a Soddy