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Amateur Astronomers

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Source – A KQED Multimedia Series Exploring Northern California Science, Environment and Nature:

Some of the most passionate astronomers don’t even need to leave their own backyards. QUEST meets the amateur stargazers in the Bay Area who are making important observations about the cosmos and inventing tools at home to do it.

QUEST on KQED Public Media.

14-year-old student discovers a supernova

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Peculiar, Junior-sized Supernova Discovered By New York Teen
ScienceDaily (2009-06-11) — In November 2008, Caroline Moore, a 14-year-old student from upstate New York, discovered a supernova in a nearby galaxy, making her the youngest person ever to do so. Additional observations determined that the object, called SN 2008ha, is a new type of stellar explosion, 1000 times more powerful than a nova but 1000 times less powerful than a supernova. Astronomers say that it may be the weakest supernova ever seen. … > read full article