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Review of “Vault of the Heavens” by James Kaler.

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

 I have purchased an audio lecture  series “Vault of the Heavens” by James B. Kaler,  from the Barnes & Noble audio portable professor series.

He is very easy to listen to, he keeps it very simple. Even though I have been interested in astronomy since 1977, I find he explains thing on a simple level that I can understand. Plus he reveals things I did not know or have thought about. He starts out explaining the solar system and universe at a high level, then each lecture after that zooms in, starting with the early models of the solar system from Ptolemy to Galileo, and then how Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Einstein through their work, advance physics and astronomy. Then after building you a back ground on astronomy the final lectures takes you on a grand tour of the solar system explaining the Sun and each planet of the solar system in detail, and finally ending out at the edge of the solar system where comets come from. You do not need any computers or calculators, to process equation, or math to help you under stand any of the principles, theories or scientific laws he talks about, he leaves all of that out. It comes with 8 CD’s and 105 page study guide. I found my self not needing the study guide, but it is a nice thing to reflect on later.  I have listened to “Vault of the Heavens” about 4 times now, and enjoy it every time. If you liked Carl Sagan’s Cosmos this is a nice follow up program. A quick internet search on James Kaler, and you will find out he has also produced several other books and audio lectures on different astronomy subjects. If you are new to astronomy I would definitely recommend this product, or if your are a amateur astronomer, this would be a great product to add to your library.








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